J. Tarik Christopher

Government of Bermuda
Acting Chief Engineer, Ministry of Public Works

My professional journey has been marked by a steady progression of roles and responsibilities. Currently, I am substantively in the post of Principal Engineer of the Water and Sewage Section, Department of Works and Engineering, Ministry of Public Works, Government of Bermuda. I am also currently serving as the acting chief engineer of the Department of Works and Engineering, Ministry of Public Works.

The mission of the Department of Works & Engineering is to ensure the effective and prudent management of all operations and engineering services relating to the construction, erection, improvement, maintenance, and repairs of government infrastructure. The role of the Water and Sewage Section is to provide a potable water supply, sewage conveyance via trunk collection sewers and a sewage receiving facility for wastewater. The current Government water produces potable water via Revesr Osmosis, abstracting fresh and brackish groundwater and seawater wells. The Section is responsible for potable water supply from six (5) water treatment plants at various locations across Bermuda.

To meet current and future demands for potable water and wastewater, the Section Manages, builds, constructs, and installs water and waste-related facilities to provide water and wastewater servicing. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works is legislatively responsible for this activity and has delegated this responsibility through the Chief Engineer to the Principal Engineer of the Water and Sewage Section. Below is an overview of the Water and Sewage Section’s normal operations.

With an Associate Degree in Political Science from Bermuda College, a Degree in Chemical Engineering from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, and a Graduate Diploma in Management from Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada, I bring a diverse range of knowledge to my roles. I am also registered as a Professional Engineer in Bermuda and Alberta, Canada.