Solar and wind prices in Caribbean showing steady decline

The Caribbean renewable energy sector continues to grow as offtakers take advantage of declining prices, the region’s abundance of renewable resources, and ambitious governmental policies that seek to promote the uptake of renewable energy and the phase out of fossil fuel usage. Data for completed utility-scale solar and wind projects in the Caribbean display a […]

Moïse Poised to Modernize Rural Haiti with Clean Energy

Guest Editorial, written by Allison Archambault, President of EarthSpark International The Haitian countryside is beautiful and full of potential. The lack of electricity, however, is debilitating. Haiti’s new President, Jovenel Moïse, has announced that he will prioritize the issue of electricity during his tenure.  Making good on his statements around rural electrification would make Moïse […]

Microgrids in the Caribbean: Nothing micro about the opportunity

Guest Editorial, written by Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D., Rocky Mountain Institute – Carbon War Room Energy systems around the world are witnessing a shift towards smaller, more sustainable, and more accessible electricity generation and connection options. Microgrids are at the center of this fundamental change, bringing new and innovative business models to the traditional energy model. […]

Haiti’s Clean Energy Transition: The Time Has Come

Recovering from successive natural disasters, Haiti vowed to rebuild a greener, stronger, more resilient and sustainable energy sector. This implies a drastic transition of the country’s energy mix, currently relying on oil products for grid connected and autonomous power generation. The ultimate outcome will be increased access to clean, modern and reliable energy services for […]

Is Geothermal Competitive in an Era of Low Cost Renewables?

 Guest Editorial written by Kevin Wallace, POWER Engineers News on power purchase rates of 40-50 $/MWh for new solar-PV plants begs the question – can geothermal be competitive, with prices challenging for any but the   largest of geothermal projects? We feel geothermal still has a valuable role in the energy portfolio, if the wider […]