Solar battery storage system installed in Saba

SMA Sunbelt Energy announced the installation of a new storage system for a solar PV farm on Saba.

The 2.3MWh storage system was selected after a bid last year launched by Saba Electric Company NV, the island’s utility.

The storage capacity will enable the utility to save around 300 litres of diesel every hour, and supply electricity from the solar PV park to the island’s population of 2000. The generators powering off have significantly reduced the noise pollution

Saba Electric Company is the sole supplier of electricity on Saba, and celebrated the island running on 100% solar for the first time.

This is SMA’s latest project, with a completed solar and storage system on the island of Eustatius which doubled the capacity of the PV solar park.

“We are very happy with the result and expect that Saba’s inhabitants can be supplied with solar power exclusively for up to ten hours on sunny days”, said Saba Electric Company CEO Dexter Johnson. “It is a great milestone for Saba. From now on the entire energy supply of our island will come to a large extent from renewable sources.”

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