Monserrat to resume geothermal drilling in February

After an internal mud collapse stalled drilling of the third geothermal well for several months, Monserrat officials expect drilling to resume within no more than a few weeks. Monserrat plans to use geothermal as a primary baseload resource for the island, with solar PV to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2020. Diesel generators will be on hand for peak load and back-up. After an initial drilling of two successful wells, officials involved in the project agreed that a third well may yield a larger geothermal resource. The island is currently holding EME visits (Early Market and Engagement) to secure a company to enter a  Public Private Partnership. Six companies expressed interest, including Italy-based Exergy and US-based Thermal Energy Partners. Thermal Energy Partners are developing the geothermal project on the island of Nevis.