Guide Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for the Americas

Last week in Mexico City, The Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) gathered to present findings from their newly released book, Guide Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for the Americas.

While the publication takes a granular look at clean energy challenges and opportunities in the region, short case studies highlighting topics such as “The Atacama Plant: A Bright Spot for Chile” and “Current Status and Prospects for Energy in Mexico” provide brief snapshots of important markets and sectors.

The purpose of the publication, which features research from twenty-nine authors from across fourteen countries, is to provide a science-based analysis of the current energy situation of the Americas and to look into the near term future of energy in the Hemisphere. The book considers key challenges such as bringing adequate energy to under served populations, renewable energy sources and the biofuel revolution, and the role of gender in the energy economy.

Seven chapters take a deep dive into technology, regional issues, policy and regulatory challenges, and initiatives across multiple sectors, and proposed action paths for developing solutions, including short-term and long-term strategies.

In the crowded field of publications on energy issues, the book seeks to make a useful contribution in two ways: First, by focusing attention on the role that science – the science academies, and the science, technologies and engineering communities – can play in an energy future of the Americas that is effective, affordable and minimizes environmental impacts including climate change.

Second, by addressing major energy issues from the perspective of the Western Hemisphere –the perspective of IANAS– and its unique mix of energy sources, uses population distribution, geography and the opportunities for multi-country and south-north collaboration.

IANAS is a non-profit international organization hosted by the Mexican Academy of Sciences since 2010.

Access IANAS’ Energy Book here: (English Version) (Spanish Version)