Therese Turner-Jones

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
General Manager, Country Department Caribbean Group

Ms. Therese Turner-Jones, a Bahamian national, is an economist who graduated from the University of Toronto and holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. She is a United World Colleges graduate (Lester Pearson).

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the areas of macroeconomics and economic development, with particular emphasis on the Caribbean and small states. She started her career in the Research Department for the Central Bank of The Bahamas. She has served in key positions in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), leading missions to Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and several Eastern Caribbean countries. She headed the IMF’s technical assistance center, CARTAC in Barbados for three years .before returning to the Western Hemisphere Department, and also served as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director for Canada, Ireland, and the Caribbean.

Therese joined the Inter-American Development Bank in 2013 as the Country Representative in Jamaica. On April 16, 2016, she became the General Manager of the Caribbean Country Department (CCB), which oversees the Bank’s operations in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, The Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago. While serving as the new General Manager, she will continue to carry out the functions of Country Representative for Jamaica.

Ms. Turner-Jones’ vision is that the IDB will continue to strive to improve lives in the Caribbean by creating vibrant economies where people are safe, productive, and happy. She believes in deepening client relations and sees the interactions in the countries as being the heart of the Bank’s work. She has many interests outside of work including family, women’s development, meditation and tennis.