Dr. Laurent Bellemare

Martinique Energy Agency

Dr. Laurent Bellemare was first involved in research about turbulent diffusion flames modelling that was used for numerical investigations about firebreak efficiency in crown fire propagation at University de Provence in Marseille. Then, he focused on issues concerning his island. He was head of R&D in a company which contributed to the development and the introduction of the firsts base isolation systems for earthquake protection in Martinique, and the refinement of this technique. Then, he joined the SMEM, the utility company in charge of electricity distribution at its creation in 2004 where he provided advices and directions for energy policies. As the director of energy development since 2005 he led research projects mainly to push the limits of introduction of intermittent energies on the grid of non-interconnected islands. Since 2012 he is the director of the Martinique Energy Agency (AME) that deals mainly on renewable energies with R&D activities (smart grid, storage systems), training and testing platforms, sharing knowledge and technologies with local companies and providing general informations to the public. Cooperation and interaction with the Caribbean countries are also one of his key goals.

Work experience


Director of the Martinique Energy Agency (AME)


Director for energy development at Syndicat Mixte d’Électricité de la Martinique (SMEM):


Energy engineer at Syndicat Mixte d’Électricité de la Martinique (SMEM):


Research & development: bioclimatic architecture, base isolation systems for earthquake protection at SARL ISOLTEK, Martinique



Postgraduate degree of Architecture on earthquake-resistant construction. School of Architecture « Marseille-Luminy », France.


PhD « Mechanics  – energy », Université de Provence, France.


Engineer in energy systems and thermal transfer, Polytech’ Marseille, France.