Wilson Pearce

Cowater Sogema
Executive Vice-President, Local Governance & Economic Development

As Vice President, Mr. Pearce oversees Cowater’s projects in the local governance, economic
development and public utilities sectors. Mr. Pearce has 25 years of experience in international
management and management consulting, having designed and implemented business transformation,
economic development, governance, organizational change and training solutions with public and private
sector clients worldwide. His experience in business transformation and economic development has
included the creation of products and services for delivery by regulated industries under a variety of
commercial models, including concessions and alternate service delivery (ASD) frameworks.  He
currently provides executive oversight and change management technical assistance to Cowater’s project
with the Barbados Water Authority, which is focused on addressing Non-Revenue Water and Customer
service priorities through the introduction and use of new technology and systems. 
In addition to this project Mr Pearce oversees the Local Governance and Economic Development practice
for Cowater, which includes a global “Trade and Development” project with the Government of Canada,
plus land Administration and Economic Development projects in South East Asia and sub-Saharan
Africa.  Projects which he has managed or provided oversight to recently include:
– Barbados: BWA Smart Meter Business Transformation Project
– Indonesia: Islands of Integrity Program (SIPS)
– Indonesia: National Support for Local Investment Climate / National Support for Enhancing Local
and Regional Economic Development (NSLIC /NSLRED)
– Global: Expert Deployment Mechanism (EDM)
– ASEAN Region: Trade Assistance Facility (TAF)
– Mozambique: Cities and Climate Change (3CP) program
Prior to joining Cowater, Mr. Pearce developed and delivered investor funded projects for public sector
clients across Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa in the areas of
business transformation, IT, infrastructure development and change management.  He has also worked
closely with multilateral agencies, including the World Bank, IBRD, African Development Bank, Islamic
Development Bank, plus various other Canadian trade and development agencies and departments.