Mark F. Tippett

North Star Development, LTD
Founder and President

As Founder and President of North Star Development, LTD, an international renewable energy and real estate development firm, Mark Tippett oversees the company’s strategy and sales operations. He has extensive corporate finance and business development experience through previous leadership positions in the investment industry.

Before founding North Star in 2002, Tippett was a venture partner for private equity firms in San Francisco and New York. In the earlier part of his career, Tippett headed national sales, marketing, and business development for companies in communications and technology.

Since 2002, Tippett has lead North Star to develop premier projects in the U.S., Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.

Tippett received his M.S. through a combined MBA and Engineering program from the University of Maryland, College Park, and his B.S. from George Mason University in Virginia. Tippett also served in the United States Air Force and the United States Army Reserves as a commissioned officer first in the flying program then in the infantry.