Doug Hewson

Portland Private Equity
Managing Partner

Doug is a Managing Partner of Portland Private Equity (“Portland”) where he has primary responsibility for investor relations and is a member of the Investment Committee. Portland manages the AIC Caribbean Fund and its successor, Portland Caribbean Fund II. He joined Portland in 2009 and was lead partner on AIC Caribbean Fund’s investment in InterEnergy Holdings Inc., of which he is a director, and IEH Panama, of which he is a director. He is also Chairman of Portland JSX Limited, a St. Lucia incorporated vehicle which Portland created to aggregate investment interest in Portland Caribbean Fund II from corporate pensions in Jamaica and other island markets. Within the private equity industry, Doug participates on the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association’s (“EMPEA”) Latin America Council. Doug’s earlier career included 10 years as the CEO and/or managing partner of venture funds focused on IT software, and several years as a lawyer representing early-stage technology companies in Canada. He has degrees in Political Science, English, and a Bachelor of Laws.