Caribbean Development Bank receives EU funds to bolster geothermal industry

The Caribbean geothermal market has received an injection of EUR 12 million (14.1 million USD) from the European Union Caribbean Investment Facility (EU-CIF) to support geothermal exploration in the Eastern Caribbean. The EU-CIF will provide the EUR 12 million in grant funding to the Caribbean Development Bank via the GeoSmart Initiative. The GeoSmart Initiative was developed by CDB to provide financing to support sustainable geothermal development in five countries—Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For these countries, the development of geothermal energy could be an alternative to costly and non-renewable imported fuels.

“Geothermal exploration development is key to Eastern Caribbean countries achieving a diversified energy matrix and increased energy security. Although the governments have identified this as a priority, there are significant barriers, which constrain investment and achievement of their objectives. The EU-CIF contribution addresses critical gaps in the Programme by providing grant funding which is especially important in the early stages of geothermal exploration,” said Tessa Williams Robertson, Head, Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Unit, CDB.

The EU-CIF funds will be distributed under two components:

  1. EUR9.5 mn will be used to provide investment grants to fund slim-hole drilling services or full-size exploration drilling; and
  2. EUR2.2 mn will finance capacity strengthening and interconnection feasibility studies
    • Capacity StrengtheningBuilding government capacity by developing a cadre of technical officials who can make critical decisions and manage issues related to geothermal exploration development.
    • Feasibility Study – Submarine Interconnection of Electricity Grids: CDB to commission feasibility studies on interconnection options for exporting electricity generated from geothermal resources.

A further EUR300,000 will cover the costs of an audit, evaluation and visibility.