Rebeca Ramirez

National Secretariat of Energy in Panamá
President of the Energy Efficiency Index Management Committee

Rebeca Ramirez Acosta is an Electric and Electronic Engineer, graduate of the Universidad Tecnológica of Panama; she also has a Master’s degree in Renewable Energies from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. She specializes on energy planning, integration of renewable sources into transmission and distribution networks and energy efficiency, among others. She is a U.S. Green Associate since 2014.

She has been an expert consultant for the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama and an independent consultant. She has international experience in countries such as: Switzerland, Germany, India, South Africa, Peru among others. She is currently President of the Management Committee of Energy Efficiency Indicators and manager of the standards and labeling program of Panama. She is also a Coordinator of International Technical Cooperation’s with the World Bank, CAF and the IDB.