Liliana Campos-Arriaga

Environmental Design Consultant

Dr. Liliana Campos-Arriaga is an environmental design consultant. She has over 12 years of experience in the sustainability field, primarily focused on implementing energy efficiency solutions for buildings, infrastructure and master planning projects. She specializes in whole-building energy simulation and optimization techniques for reduction of energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings.

She has worked developing sustainability frameworks and guidelines, evaluating energy efficient solutions in the built environment, and collaborating with federal and local authorities to improve energy efficiency standards on building and urban codes. She has also facilitated workshops and training in Latin America and Europe.

Dr. Campos-Arriaga was the local expert responsible for providing technical assistance for estate and municipal authorities in Veracruz, Mexico as they integrated sustainability into their urban planning and building codes. As a result of this work, three municipal codes are currently in operation. Since 2015, she has been responsible for conducting energy efficiency evaluations for the Mexican federal government in the EcoCasa programme, to achieve CO2 reduction targets in the social housing sector.