Alfonso Blanco Bonilla

Latin-American Energy Organization (OLADE)
Executive Secretary

Alfonso Blanco Bonilla has extensive experience as an Energy & Environment Specialist in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has led projects and teams, and has provided advice to governments on regulatory issues, energy policy, formulation and evaluation of projects and financing models for energy projects. He has participated in the design, evaluation, implementation, commencement of operations and program management for public and private entities, and has served as a liaison with international organizations.

He has held high-responsibility administrative functions by shaping the teams in charge of the development and implementation of energy policies in Uruguay. He was also a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations on energy and the environment. Mr. Blanco Bonilla completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR), where he was granted the title of Industrial Mechanical Engineer. MBA (Master of Business Administration) from ORT Uruguay University, with postgraduate studies in Economics, Diploma in Economics by the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences of UdelaR University, Uruguay.

He has extensive experience as a university lecturer in undergraduate and graduate programs and has developed and published research papers on energy, and he has acted as speaker in international conferences. He joined the Honorary Council of the Observatory on Energy and Sustainable Development of UCUDAL (Catholic University of Uruguay), where he was the co-author of specialized press articles.